(adoptmeplz 193 is Adopt)

PeppaPorc was walking in Jamaa Township. But she found Adoptmeplz193, as a wolf!

Peppa: Uhhhhh, Hello?

Adopt: Uhhhh i did not se- Wait? I'm a wolf?

Peppa: nahhhh im not talking to you and Sheepiscool.

(Peppa leaves)

Adopt: k i will go to party.

At Home

Peppa: im switching dens.

Den: switching to nice den

Peppa: uhh wheres my de-

(den locks itself)

Back in jamaa

Peppa: Why cant i enter?

(peppa finally enters)

Back at the den

Peppa: Uhhhh? Adopt?

(adopt gets banned)

Peppa: Sheep?

Sheep: hahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahah i entered finally.

(Peppa locks her den and Sheep gets banned)

Peppa: That was bad.

the end


Peppas dens were unacessible


Peppa was scared