It is recommended that you read Crystals in Shards first before continuing. This is the second story. Please enjoy reading.

Chapter One

I finally was fixed. A kind bunny found me and made me who I was again. But I didn't expect this! Jamaa Township in flames, war starting between Jammers, how did this happen? All because I was fixed? Why?

(Chapter 2) 06-11-18 - 9375s146T24A4rT

Hello journal. I'm Sunny. A white bunny with blue eyes. Today I was playing with my friend and we found something weird. Perhaps I could write it down... I was in my friend den (her name is Blossom, she's a white arctic wolf with light pink fur and dark pink swirls. She also has green eyes.). She wanted us to play hide and seek. I agreed to play hide and seek with her, and I was the first hider. I found a little underground crystal cave (she also has a Crystal Palace den.) and I found a secret passage in the cave. I went inside of it, and I found a bunch of crystal shards. I had found a cage and I saw the pieces of a crystal arctic wolf. I grabbed my fox hat from my inventory, put the shards in it, put my fox hat on, and went back to the cave. I of course, won the game, but now I'm going to see what these shards are all about.