You know.. The Crystal Palace den right? The Portal Crystals, the Cave Crystals den item, anything crystals. They may seem ordinary to everyone else, but I can never see any crystal related thing the same way EVER again. They are pure evil. Now, hush. Don't ask why. And before we begin, remember me, I'm Crystal. Even my name... Oh well. Let me tell you this story before I get any other ideas...

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It all started on a seemingly ordinary day. I had just bought a Crystal Palace den because I wanted to make a calming den, and the Crystal Palace den seemed calm to me. I wanted to get some crystal items, for example, the crystal table from Epic Wonders. I put a bunch of random items on trade and went to a trading party. I ended up saying, "Trade me crystal den items! :D" It was pretty late, so that explained a lot of things at the time. I hadn't gotten a single trade, so I decided to move to a different world.

I ended up going to Belaya, where I spawned in Coral Canyons. It would be a waste of time to try and get into Jamaa Township, so I switched worlds yet again. I went to Aldan and got in Jamaa Township. Then I tried again. I couldn't find a spot so I waited to find one before trying to get the crystal den items. Eventually, I got a trade and ended up getting a Crystal Vanity. I wanted to get more, and that's exactly what I did. It took quite longer than what I was hoping, and I still didn't get a trade. "Did everyone recycle their crystal items or do I need better stuff on trade?" Those were my thoughts. I gave up and went to my den to edit my trade list. I went into Jamaa Township, except this time in Elbe. I went back to waiting for trades, as usual. Lots of time passed by. Eventually, I got all the items I needed. I went to my den and placed the items very carefully. It was finally done. I decided to go to sleep though. I'd look through it the next day.

The next day, whenever I woke up, I went around the den. After probably 2 whole hours of admiring the den, I went to do some adventures. I got a few den items and went to trade. I tried saying, "Random stuff on trade," but instead, it came out as, "Trade me Crystal items, please!" No matter what I tried to say, it always came out as the same thing. "Weird," I thought. Then I just went back to decorating dens. I tried to switch dens, but my only den was the Crystal Palace. Now I knew something was off. I couldn't buy a den either. I decided to take a nap in hopes of this all being a trick of some sort.

Whenever I woke up, I seemed to be in some sort of crystal cage. I looked around me. All I could see were crystals. Then I heard a voice. It said, "Crystal." I started to get confused. Were the crystals doing this? Was this a dream? How did they know my name? Then I realized this wasn't a dream. The voice spoke again. It said, "Crystal. You have always kept me in your shadow." Then I realized who this was. I haven't told you yet, but I have a little sister. Her name was Blossom. This was her. She kept talking. "You had so many friends. You had so many items. You had happiness. As for me, I was stuck in a permanent shadow you left. When I told my friends about you, they seemed to like you as a friend more than me. Only my best friend stayed with me. Apparently, you never seemed to notice. This is my revenge."

Blossom dug through a pile of crystals and got what seemed to be a necklace. I had no idea what she was doing. Apparently, this is her "revenge" that she was talking about. She put it on, and the cyan crystal on the necklace started to glow. I slowly noticed I wasn't able to move. That's when I realized. I had become a crystal. I watched as Blossom grabbed a yellow crystal, and it shattered into little shards. She walked away and left the necklace. "Bye Crystal. Soon there will all be Crystals in Shards."

I watched as all the crystals became crystal shards. They all became shards. Now it was my turn. Before anything happened, I heard a voice. "Crystals and crystals in shards all over the floor..."

And here we are now. In shards. I'm currently still in my old state. My shards haven't fallen. They never will. Now I can watch Blossom... I have no choice. I haven't mentioned yet, but she sent an orb in. It makes me watch her life. She's told everyone that "the phantoms got me" yet no one truly believes her. The "friends" she made are all fake. I'm now fake. My life has been fake. You know how I also said my shards will never fall? It's not true. They have to fall someday. But then someone will come and fix me. Make me who I am. Then I can live my life again, but as I said in the beginning, I will never see crystals the same way again.

crystals and crystals in shards all over the floor... they will be broken until one cares enough to build them again... the shattered arctic wolf lays there in pain as her life was fake... a small little bunny will fix it all... then the fall of jamaa will come...​​​​