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This is my first ever creepypasta, so I'm sorry for anything that's wrong or just not right in any way. I'm welcome to people editing for grammar or anything, just maybe ask me first...? This is based on a user my friend met once - which is why no usernames are included or anything.

As long as she had played Animal Jam, Tayte had always stayed in the Pillow Room every second moment. Week after week she would continuously log in, go to the room and try to get adopted, adopt someone, or just visit jammers' dens. Tayte always kept it simple, most frequently being either a fox, wolf or bunny, wearing minimalistic items and simple tones. On a seemingly normal day, Tayte logged on, and went straight to the Pillow Room as her wolf form. Tapping a pen on her chin, she wondered if what to do, before deciding to adopt someone.

Her wolf ran into the room to find it crowded with jammers, most inviting others to parties. Standing in the circle of pillows and cushions crowded with sleeping animals shouting out trade offers, and others crying about scams that could have been easily avoided. Tayte began typing into the chat bar, before hitting the send key. "Come to my den to be adopted! Will adopt anyone and everyone!" Tayte went unnoticed in the swarms of other jammers, but still she relentlessly kept repeating her statement. Again and again and again. After spamming the enter key for at least 20 minutes, Tayte returned to her den in defeat, giving up on her small quest to adopt.

She guided her wolf avatar across her simple den - just a Small House - and sat down on the beanbag that her first buddy had given her; yes, it was one of the welcoming den items received when a jammer first joins. Tayte sighed, and rested her chin on her elbow, closing her eyes. As she drifted into sleep, her computer was left running, whirring away as Tayte fell into a dreamless state.

The moment she woke up, Tayte reached for the mouse, wondering why she forgot to turn her computer off. As she made her wolf sit up, she noticed something moving in the corner of her screen. Curious, Tayte guided her wolf towards the front opening of her house. At the front of the house was a jammer - a small bunny with pale pink as its primary colour, wearing nothing but a purple silk scarf. Tayte opened the chat bar, and typed in a quick message "Um... Who are u and why are u here?"

Within a few minutes of waiting, the bunny simply replied with a "You said you wanted to adopt, right?", followed by a laughing face. Tayte clicked the screen hesitantly, slightly confused. "That was a few hours ago tho?" The bunny skipped up to Tayte's wolf and sat next to her "Does it matter? I need a mommy! The other one is missing!" Tayte stared at the screen, slightly creeped out but nonetheless intrigued. "Oh, well, I'll be your mom then". The pink bunny buddy requested her, and Tayte accepted without second thoughts.

Tayte set up her simple den with everything she thought the bunny would want, and everything went well for a little less than an hour. Tayte typed in a message once she caught glimpse of the clock, 11:02pm. "Sorry, I gtg. I'll be bk tomorrow". Her adopted bunny sent a laughing face "I'll be waiting, new mommy! And soon, I'll find my real mom!" Tayte glanced at the message uncertainly, before clicking onto the settings and logging out.

Tayte's eyes blinked open, and she took a quick peek at her alarm clock. The time read 5:14am. She began to wonder why she had woken up so early, before she heard a clacking noise, reminding her of the noise of high heels on wood. Tayte crawled out of bed, and began to walk across the cold floor in her bare feet, trying to find the origin of the noise. As she neared her desk, the noise grew louder progressively, until Tayte was certain that it was coming from her monitor. Suddenly, the noise ceased, and silence echoed around her room.

She stared at the monitor for a split second, before she was blinded with light. The monitor had turned on, and it was on Animal Jam. Logged in as her user. Tayte cautiously sat down at the chair, creaking under her weight. She was in her den. But she wasn't alone. Inside the den was another wolf, but the player card wasn't an option. She began to wonder if NPCs existed in Animal Jam, until she realised it was moving. The wolf was walking to Tayte's items, and then they'd disappear every time the wolf stepped on them. Tayte maneuvered her wolf through the den, before she came up behind the wolf. Tayte's trembling fingers opened the chat bar. "Who are u and why are u here?". The wolf kept moving forward, until all the den items in Tayte's Small House had disappeared. Slowly, the wolf figure turned around, revealing a black body with white stripes, almost forming a skeletal pattern. The avatar's face was thin, and had no accessories or items at all.

The wolf walked up to Tayte's character, the avatar's legs not moving at all. Then, a message appeared. "I-IT'S MOMMY." A stuttering, glitched voice echoed around the room, and Tayte turned around slowly, her eyes wide, as she heard a creaking noise above her. Black flooded over her vision, and the last thing Tayte saw was a black figure in front of her, with luminescent green-yellow eyes. A young voice echoed "Hello, mommy..."


In a dark room there sat a girl in front of two computers. She never moved from her chair, and never took her hands off the keyboard. Both screens were on Animal Jam. Both screens had different accounts. One, a pink bunny with a silk scarf. The other, a black wolf. With prescision the girl found a jammer gullible enough to believe her.

"Can you be my mommy?"

Then, she moved the wolf, slowly and carefully, collecting all the items from the jammer's den for her child.