Chapter 1: Player's Story

It was an ordinary day. I was in Jamaa Township trying to get even a diamond spike. I never had a spike yet. I was about to give up though. Then, I got a trade. It was an ORANGE, RARE, LONG. I gasped and quickly accepted. "Please don't be a troll!" You got: A picture of the long appeared. I screamed. It was for my fox hat. HUGE overtrade. I was so happy. I thanked the trader, who looked like they wanted to give it to me. They wore a RIM HD, black long, leap year worn, and a beta tail.

I told my buddy, and they said that they were quitting as well as giving me their stuff.. The news made me sad, but I understood. They said they would give it all for my long. I needed to put more stuff on trade, so I did after each trade. Finally, the last trade. The best things. They traded their LPHD, everything. I was crying so much. Tears of joy, and sadness. After, they told me why they were quitting. They said, "The game is getting creepier."

I didn't understand but I made it seemed like I did anyways.

Chapter 2: It all begins.

The next day I find myself logging in to find that I had been hacked. Or so I thought. I also heard "ORANGE SPIKES... ORANGE SPIKES... instead of the music, but I just thought it was my imagination. I went in my inventory, and all 1,000 slots had some sort of orange spike. I was confused. That's when I realized something was off... Every spike had some sort of blood mark.. My trade list was full of those spikes... My animals were wearing an orange long collar, orange long wrist, orange SPIKED headdress, an orange beta tail (also spiked, not sure how that tail exists though...), and... You probably wouldn't expect it but.. Orange SPIKED Alpha Armor. They each had blood DRIPPING DOWN FROM EACH ITEM. They looked like they were in pain. I threw my iPad (I was using Puffin.) across the room. "THIS IS A KIDS GAME!!!" I screamed out loud. A creepy voice came out of my iPad. "Don't you love us anymore??" I shut off my iPad COMPLETELY. That was the end of that.

Or it seemed like it was...

Chapter 3: The Dark Room

After that, I went to go to a friend's, but it was night, so I couldn't. Just my luck. I had to deal with it. I went to my Chromebook to try and get on, but it was the same thing. This time, the eyes on all animals had blood dripping down... They all now had muzzles, and my current animal was normal, unlike the rest. And of course, let's not forget... The muzzles were also orange. And spiked. Except for my current animal. It was crying... The muzzle was regular... But she was.. In a dark room... With many other dead animals, all wearing the same items...

I was in no control. It went to a cutscene. My animal heard footsteps, and she was freaking out. That's when I realized. There was no logout button. I saw a glimmer of a sharp knife behind my animal.

Chapter 4: Scream...

I heard the glimmer. I heard it in real life. Right behind me. I looked behind me, to see.. *DARKNESS*

Chapter 5: A week later...

(camera turns on)

Hello..? Is this on? Okay, uh, hi. I am Arctic Wolf, the arctic wolf of course. I just saw my player get killed, and I'm trapped in a dark room. If you see this, you're lucky to find me, and if so, alive. Earlier there was an animal, or something, behind me, and I made a run for it. I think I lost them.. *panting* I'm worn out... AAHHH! *darkness*

(camera turns on again)

  • whispering* Hello? Can you hear me? Okay, now I'm in a cell of some sort. Uhh, it looks like.. Wait.. I can't watch! *quick turn*

Sorry, something I don't want to see was happening in the room across from me. Huh? Oh, a letter. Lemme read this. Hold on.

Okay, so I'll talk again soon. The animal next to me gave this to me. Click!

Chapter 6: The Plan

Camera turns on

Okay, so we came up with a plan to get out. He calls me Arctic by the way. I like that name! :D

His name is Spirit. He's very nice. He also knows I just got here. So, first he'll make a machine to break the walls or something like that. Then he can make weapons for us! :D

Wait, someon- no something is coming! It's a Phantom! Uh-oh! Talk again soon! Gotta hide the camera! Click!

Chapter 7: Caged.

The camera turns on

Ah, hello.. I'm.. in a cage now.. With Spirit...

The Phantoms. They captured us in cages. They fooled us.

Spirit calls for Arctic.

Hm? Oh.. Spirit. I'll hide the.. camera again.. I guess...


Chapter 8: Spirit's Video

Camera turns on

Hello? Is it on? Okay, hello. I'm Spirit. Arctic fell, and won't wake up. Ah, she never told you what either of us look like. Oh, I also looked at the past videos. No faces were revealed. Arctic. She's a light gray and white Arctic Wolf. She has a dark gray swirl pattern. I'm not revealing faces as well. Forgot to say that. Anyways, Arctic also has blue eyes.

I am a black and white Fox, with a dark blue swirl pattern. I have yellow eyes.

So now you know what we look like. I'm making weapons in here. Then, I can try to get Arctic up again.

Video Pauses

Video Resumes

Hey! I made the weapons, but Arctic will NOT get up whatsoever. AH! Phantom!


Chapter 9: Arctic... Get up..

Camera turns on

Arctic won't wake up. The Phantom moved us. We're in a line with other animals in cages. They all seem just like Arctic.. Except for one. Wait, that can't be.. IT IS! She's breaking out of hers! Okay, I'll be back!


Chapter 10: Lunar

Hey guys! So, she's here! Lunar!

Screenshot 2017-12-20 at 9.44.21 PM
Lunar: Sup.

We've been doing all we can. Nothing works.


Chapter 11: Lunar's Video

Camera turns on

Hey. Spirit fell like the rest. Now we're in a room with orange spiked things. Funny thing is, that's how I got here. Except these don't have blood. Yet. They have spikes inside. Everything. It seems Arctic got here the same way. Spirit, I think he got in by blue items instead. Maybe yellow? I don't know. Ask Spirit, not me.

Oh. This is BAD. Wait. I see a Snow Leopard. Out. Not in a cage. Not dead. No. Wait, they're coming to ME! Oh no.. It looks like a mixture of a Phantom and an animal. A Phantimal.

Chapter 12: Escape Route

Camera turns on

Hey! So, we woke up. That's a Phantimal over there! Right now we found our escape route. We have our weapons. We're going. It's running after us, and Lunar is a pretty skilled fighter! We're almost there!

Phantimal grabs camera and smashes it, but before it's smashed, Arctic screams "NO!"

Chapter 13: New Camera, Old Videos!

Arctic wanted to go fight it. Spirit always stopped her. Lunar did it for her. Eventually, they made it out, but got caught by Phantoms and became workers. Arctic was always trying to escape, and Lunar too. Lunar got a spiked collar, spikes inside and out, and was chained to her area. They went easy on poor Arctic. She only got chains. Spirit had already left though. He had another job. Making cameras. It wasn't easy. Before time was up, he snuck the last one and now it was time for them to go back to their cells. It turns out, Lunar was next to Arctic. When Arctic peeked through the cell bars to see Lunar, she saw a chain at first. A chain.

After looking, Arctic saw Lunar with a spiked collar on her neck (same one as earlier), and also spiked cuffs of some sort (also had spikes inside and out). After a little while, Arctic saw a box with a note attached inside her cell. She read it. The note said, "From Spirit."

She snuck it underneath her bed. She thought they would never get out.

(During the night)

The Phantimal they saw came. It went to Lunar's cell and went inside. She was asleep. A loud scream from Lunar made Arctic and Spirit wake up and when Arctic looked through the cell bars, she saw the Phantimal take Lunar out. Meanwhile, Spirit decided to try and go back to sleep again. But Arctic realized the Phantimal was coming to her next. She took the box and put it in some sort of transport machine (secretly built by her) and decided it would be best to also try and go back to sleep. The Phantimal then went into Arctic's cell and started dragging her out of her cell. She screamed as loud as she could when she got up. Spirit wasn't taken though. Just the two.

The next day...

Spirit woke up, only to be dragged out of his cell too. When the Phantimal dragging Spirit threw him into an entirely different cell, he realized what was going to happen. Luckily, Arctic was next to him again. When he checked the cell bars, he saw Arctic getting knocked out by an Eagle (which was a Phantimal) and then realized that Arctic might become one too. He waited until the Eagle was gone and then looked through again. Arctic got up (and surprisingly fast!!) and saw Spirit looking through. She went over to that side and said, "What's happening?"

Spirit suddenly forgot everything. He just said, "I have no idea. Check out the box though!"

Arctic opened the box and saw a camera. She immediately turned it on and checked the videos. They were the same ones she had on her old one. Her only reaction was, "Woah..