Chapter 1

It was an average day in Jamaa. Jammers trading, decorating dens, or just having a chat with their Buddies. One Jammer, however, knew something was wrong. They were waiting in their den instead. They decorated dens, worked on AJMVs, or just even sat there. Then, someone came.

Chapter 2

This Jammer, Thebananaaj, heard the doorbell noise and looked to see who came. No one suspicious, just her friend dramagumdrop. After a little while, dramagumdrop asked, "What are you doing?" "Nothing much, just waiting for something," Thebananaaj replied.

Chapter 3

The two started talking for a while until dramagumdrop had to leave. After she logged off, Thebananaaj went back to waiting. Then, a little while later, she got a Jam-a-Gram.