Badge cropped

I quit aj.

Now I left my sister with the curse that I once had.

It all began on a normal day. I was bored, so I decided to use a masterpiece token to make a masterpiece. And so I just made one with pink scribbles and a blue background with all sorts of polka dots too.

It was awful.

I made it into a masterpiece, and decided to save a copy, which was a big mistake.

The next day, I got a jam-a-gram saying my masterpiece was inappropriate. Baffled, I searched for the copy I saved, and I was left with my mouth wide open to my bloody dismay.

The copy turned from an unrealistic scribble to a realistic murdered body.

But what crossed the line was that body was me.

I automatically quit, gave away all my stuff and let my sister play on that account. I was horrified.

And so I'm writing this now. But every now and then I see some strange pieces of artwork that seem to look at me... and I think the portrait of my great grandfather's eyes seem to stare right at me.

I'm panicking, but now i'm seeing a shadow with some sort of blade in its hand...