Part 3

I said to him ``Ok how do we do it?`` then the orange wolf said ``Be a horse if you have one.`` I had a horse  but never used it except to get the elf braces and to troll so I turned into it then I said ``Ok now what?`` then i realised his eyes where more static like but he said ``Get the item from the store!``. I opened the store menu and the only item in stores where called ``puppet strings`` (the bits of wood with string on it). I bought it for 10 gems I was very scared so i said ``Now what`` kind of reluctant to press enter. he demanded for me to put it in my den so i did after i was finished his eyes where complete static making that fuzz noise when he talked a loud static-like voice sounded like it was suffering it said: `` good now stand under the strings......`` i said in all caps ``NO!`` my horses mouth moved when i said that and it looked angry and scared at the same time he said in his static voice ``Wrong. choice.`` suddenly my horse was shoved under the strings like the wolf pushed it then the strings wrapped around my horse becoming tighter my horses eyes clouded with tears  then it stopped moving.