Have you ever wondered how mannequins are made? this is the story of a fox in a animal farm.

This is my life. I have no name no family. everyday 10 of us are selected to be skinned and our pelts to be stitched to mannequins and sold for 4 diamonds and everyday 10 more are shoved into this small room, Starved so we can't fight back. We forced to share what water we get every day at least one of us die of lack of air so we are forced to cannibalise of course bunnies and wolves are not put in the same room. I make friends then they are all dragged away in there sleep. I'm one of the lucky ones I have survived a few months... Maybe i'm not weak enough? Maybe i'm not the basic fox colours? Maybe i'll die of lack of oxygen?

It's the next day our water has been filled up I'm mostly too weak to stand now maybe i'll get dragged off tomorrow? The sad thing is the alphas approve of this abuse. I see 10 foxes get dragged off by snow leopards to the slaughter area I can hear the screams of them. we are forced to sleep at 1 in the morning and wake up at 4 so we are tired and weak.

It's the next day. a snow leopard has come into the room he walked over to me and bit me hard. Suddenly, I was dragged out of the room by my tail i could see other foxes being dragged as well I can't die now! Not yet! I panicked But i was too weak to escape his grasp I was thrown into a room with a Pitch black figure, It was a phantom.... He floated over to me and plunged knife into my stomach...I'm dying.

Once dead her body was skinned and she became one of the lifeless mannequins in the diamond shop. How do I know this? I'm the phantom that skinned her.....